Monday, September 20, 2010


 (a note on attack by abvp goons on com .vishnu(M.A. pol sci)  on 15/9/10 in hyderabad central university)

 We are not alone ,
 We are not afraid ,
 Your bullets and canes cannot frighten us. our struggle against communalism will move on .
 We wont let you to win ,
 We dont want one another december 6,
 We dont want one another kandhamal massacre ,
 We dont want blood sheding politics,
 We dont want violence ,
 We need peace,
 We need secularism ,
 When you beat us and then also if we remain silent it doesnt mean that we are cowards and we dont know to hit back . it means we still have "faith in democracy", we believe in "politics of ideas".
              In the pre independence era we have fought british imperialism, the glorious history of SFI is filled with sacrifice of hundreds of brave student martyrs, who are the blazzing stars of indian students movement . kuthuperamba comrades in kerala who died in the brave struggle against privatisation of education, comrades SOMASUNDARAM AND SEMBULINGAM who sacrificed thier lives for the struggle against casteism inside educational institute in tamil nadu. Hundreds of comrades in bengal who have shed thier blood in building the students movement and struggle against naxalites. In every state , every place  for some demand of students community SFI is struggling. It has faced abd facing the oppression of the state powers but never given up. Struggle for the slogan "EDUCATION FOR ALL, WORK FOR ALL"  is never stepped back.
               You "ABVP GOONS" are  nothing before us . You 4 to 6 people attacked our com.vishnu in the dark like cowards which brought your "dirty politics " into llight.
 We believe in our ideology,
 We believe in democracy and liberty,
 We recognize that everyone has the right to express their views . If you have belief in your ideology , then come out with it , met the students community which you have ever never done . But dont try to corrupt the students community through your violence and anti-democratic activities. you will be alienated from the students community.
               Your communal politics will work no more , you RSS , ABVP GOONS dont try to repeat this you will be thrown out by the students community. once again
   We are not alone ,
   We are not afraid ,
    Your bullets and canes cannot frighten us. SFI is lead by its ideology and by the selfless sacrifice of the brave comrades.
                      Our struggle against communalism, imperialism and privatisation of education will move on, and
            we will win over
                                               "independece , democracy , socialism - zindabad " 
                                                        "SFI martyrs - lal salam "

காதலி ......

காதல் தேசத்தில்
கல்லூரி வாசலில் பூத்தவள் ,
காதல் கோட்டையில்
கடிதமாய் வந்தவள் ,
பல நேரங்களில்
பக்கத்து வீட்டிலேயே இருப்பவள் ,
என்னை போன்ற சிலருக்கு
கனவில் மட்டுமே வருபவள்
கண் திறந்ததும் காணாமல் போகிறாள் ..!